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The School of Engineering offers a certificate in Computer Science and Data Systems with extension classes in robotics, blockchain, AI, and VR.

Level 1 - Grades 1-5

Level 2 - Grades 6-12

Level 3 - Adult

The future is unlimited and interconnected. Let's play.




CS1: Thurs 4-430PM PST

CS2: Thurs 430-5PM PST

CS3: Thurs 5-530 PST 


Level 1-3: Scheduled with instructor 

CHESS master

At Ávakas we use chess as a means to develop the CS mind. Chess is taught in all CS classes. Ávakas Chess members compete in national and local tournaments.

Chess Team (Beginner-Advanced)

Ages 6+

Chess Game
Math and Geometry Tools

Math - Logic 
Ethics - Philosophy

math genius

Ávakas Math combines algebraic, discrete mathematics, logic, philosophy, ethics, business, and music. Designed for the next generation.

Level 1: PreK

Level 2: Elementary

Level 3: Jr High

  1. Word problems 

  2. Incorporates math, music, and movement

  3. Development of large and small motor skills

  4. Memorization

  5. Poetry

  6. Mental Math

  7. Montessori Methodology

  8. Art, creativity, and geometry

  9. Logic, puzzles, games, chess

  10. Physical exercise and breath awareness

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